Hiszpańska podróż Jędrzeja Giertycha

  1. Dawid Kabaciński




Jędrzej Giertych (1903–1992) was both afamous activist of the National Party as well as a journalist. In 1937 as a war correspondent of „Kurier Poznański”, he went to report on the Spanish Civil War. In this way his famous reports were made. They were published in book Hiszpania bohater­ska (Heroic Spain). Nowadays, Giertych can be agood example of asubjective journalist. He was a supporter of general Franco. He wrote to show the readers that Franco was right and the left wing (Republicans) was evil.


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Studia nad Autorytaryzmem i Totalitaryzmem

39, 2017, nr 3

Pages from 49 to 65

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